Asar Digital

How CHS Improved Cashflow By Transitioning
SAP Managed Services To ASAR Digital!

Consolidated Hospitality Supplies (CHS), a prominent player in the hospitality supply industry, faced challenges managing their IT operations despite utilizing advanced SAP systems. To address these issues and improve efficiency, CHS partnered with ASAR Digital, selecting them for their expertise in SAP Application Managed Services. The primary objectives of this partnership were to reduce IT operational costs, enhance user support, upgrade SAP Commerce Cloud, migrate from SAP Datahub to SAP CPI middleware, and implement process enhancements in S/4HANA.

The implementation led by ASAR Digital included upgrading CHS’s SAP Commerce Cloud to the latest version, transitioning to SAP CPI middleware for better efficiency, and optimizing various S/4HANA processes. This strategic overhaul resulted in significant IT cost savings, improved application performance, and enhanced user support.

Key benefits of the partnership included:

This collaboration between CHS and ASAR Digital not only optimized CHS’s operational efficiency but also positioned them as a leader in the competitive hospitality supply industry, ready to meet future challenges with advanced technological support.

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