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How CHS Improved Cashflow By Transitioning
SAP Managed Services To ASAR Digital!


Consolidated Hospitality Supplies (CHS), a multi-brand, shared-services hotel distribution company, is a key player in the OS&E supply for the hospitality industry. With operations powered by SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP S/4HANA, CHS sought to streamline its IT operations. This case study explores their transition to ASAR Digital for Application Managed Services and the subsequent enhancements in their IT operations.


CHS, known for its robust service in the hospitality industry through brands like American Hotel Register and AMTEX, serves a wide range of market segments. Running on advanced SAP systems, CHS faced challenges in IT operations management, driving the need for a specialized SAP partner.


The primary goals for partnering with ASAR Digital were:

Solution Strategy

After a comprehensive evaluation of numerous SAP partners, CHS chose ASAR Digital for their expertise in SAP Application Managed Services. ASAR Digital’s proposal addressed CHS’s needs for cost-effective and efficient IT operations.

SAP Commerce Cloud Upgrade

Migration from SAP Datahub to SAP CPI Middleware

S/4HANA Process Enhancements

Application Managed Services


Reducing IT Operational Costs

Improving User Support and Application Performance

Technical Upgrades and Migration

Adapting to New Requirements

Results and Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Enhanced Performance

Streamlined IT Operations

Customized Solutions

The Outcome

The partnership between Consolidated Hospitality Supplies and ASAR Digital represents a strategic and successful collaboration in the realm of SAP Application Managed Services. This transition not only led to a significant reduction in IT operational costs but also brought about substantial improvements in application performance and user support. The upgrades and customizations in SAP Commerce Cloud and S/4HANA have propelled CHS to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness in their operations, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the hospitality supply industry.

If you are looking for a new partner for your SAP Managed Services, please reach out to Team ASAR!

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