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How Calumet Specialty Provided
Single Source of Information To Their Sales Team With SAP Sales Cloud!


Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of specialty hydrocarbon products, faced operational challenges in its sales processes. The company's sales representatives were reliant on traditional methods like notebooks for managing customer information and opportunities. To modernize and streamline these processes, Calumet embarked on a journey to implement SAP Sales Cloud.


Founded in 1919, Calumet operates across North America, producing a range of specialized hydrocarbon products. The company distributes its products globally to about 2,700 customers. Despite their success, their sales team struggled with outdated methods for customer management, affecting efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The primary goals for implementing SAP Sales Cloud were to:

Solution Strategy

After evaluating various CRM applications, Calumet selected SAP Sales Cloud. They partnered with ASAR Digital for the implementation, leveraging ASAR’s expertise in integrating SAP solutions.

Key SAP Sales Cloud Capabilities Implemented


Digitizing Traditional Processes

Integrating Systems

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Sales Efficiency

Reduced Sales Cycle

Improved Opportunity Close Rate

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Outcome

The implementation of SAP Sales Cloud at Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., facilitated by ASAR Digital, marked a significant advancement in their sales operations. This transition not only optimized their sales processes but also enhanced customer relationship management, contributing to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.

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