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How Calumet Specialty Provided
Single Source of Information To Their Sales Team With SAP Sales Cloud!

Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., initiated a digital overhaul of their sales processes by implementing SAP Sales Cloud in collaboration with ASAR Digital. This upgrade aimed to digitize outdated sales methods, streamline operations, and enhance customer and opportunity management for improved satisfaction.

The project included centralizing customer data, streamlining lead and sales activity management, and integrating SAP Sales Cloud with existing systems like Microsoft Outlook and SAP ERP. This ensured efficient, real-time operations, with comprehensive training provided to transition the sales team from traditional methods.

Significant advantages gained from the SAP Sales Cloud implementation included:

Overall, the deployment of SAP Sales Cloud transformed Calumet's sales framework, enhancing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales performance, thus positioning the company for continued success in a competitive market.

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