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How Auris Health Reduced Sales Quotes
Turnaround Time From Days To Minutes With SAP CPQ


A division of Johnson & Johnson, Auris Health, was grappling with challenges in their sales quoting process, primarily due to the manual and error-prone methods employed. To enhance efficiency and accuracy, they implemented SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), integrating it with Salesforce CRM and SAP S/4HANA.


Auris Health, known for its innovations in medical device technologies, was using Salesforce CRM and SAP S/4HANA. However, their sales quoting process was hindered by reliance on spreadsheets for product configuration, pricing, and quoting, leading to errors, revenue loss, and lower sales margins.

The goals for implementing SAP CPQ were to:

Solution Strategy

After evaluating Salesforce CPQ and SAP CPQ, Auris Health selected SAP CPQ. They awarded the implementation contract to ASAR Digital, given their expertise in SAP solutions.

SAP CPQ Integration

Features and Workflows


Streamlining the Quoting Process

Workflow and Approval Delegation

The Outcome

Improved Sales Quoting Process

Reduced Quote Errors

Faster Quote Turnaround

Enhanced Sales Cycle Efficiency

Increased Opportunity Close Rate and Deal Profitability

The Outcome

The implementation of SAP CPQ at Auris Health, facilitated by ASAR Digital, revolutionized their sales quoting process. This strategic enhancement not only improved operational efficiency but also had a significant impact on revenue generation and customer satisfaction, underlining the importance of digital transformation in sales operations.

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