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Associated Grocers of New England Improving
Customer Response Time With SAP Service Cloud.


Associated Grocers of New England, Inc., the largest retailer-owned, wholesale grocery Distribution Center in New England, faced challenges in managing customer support and field sales queries. To enhance their customer service operations, they decided to implement SAP Service Cloud.


Founded in 1946, AGNE has evolved into a key resource for Independent Retailers, offering products, programs, services, and solutions. However, their reliance on manual processes and a legacy ERP system for customer support was becoming increasingly inefficient.

AGNE aimed to:

Solution Strategy

After evaluating various CRM applications, AGNE chose SAP Service Cloud and partnered with ASAR Digital for its implementation. ASAR's Cheetah Rapid Deployment Package was selected to integrate SAP Service Cloud with AGNE's legacy ERP and CTI system swiftly.

Key SAP Service Cloud Features Implemented

Rapid Deployment


Transition from Legacy Systems

Improving Response Times

Data Centralization

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Customer Service Efficiency

Streamlined Operations

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The Outcome

The implementation of SAP Service Cloud at Associated Grocers of New England, Inc., with the expertise of ASAR Digital, has significantly improved their customer service operations. This transition not only optimized their response times and call handling but also contributed to higher customer satisfaction levels, reinforcing AGNE's commitment to excellent customer service.

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