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Salesforce To SAP Sales Cloud Migration
For American Industrial Transport (AITX)


American Industrial Transport (AITX), a leader in railcar leasing and repair, undertook a significant digital transformation by implementing SAP Sales Cloud CRM with the assistance of ASAR Digital. This initiative aimed to consolidate their CRM systems into a singular, efficient platform aligned with their SAP S/4HANA ERP implementation.


Headquartered in Saint Charles, Missouri, AITX specializes in leasing railcars for various industries and operates several full-service repair shops across North America. Previously utilizing two different CRM applications, including Salesforce, AITX sought a unified solution to enhance integration, reporting, and sales operations efficiency.

The Challenge

AITX faced several challenges with their existing CRM systems:


Selection of SAP Sales Cloud

To align with their new SAP S/4HANA ERP system and streamline sales processes, AITX chose SAP Sales Cloud CRM for its comprehensive functionality and integration capabilities.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital was selected for this critical implementation due to our expertise in SAP solutions and a proven track record in successful CRM migrations.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation involved several key components:

Key Capabilities Implemented:


Enhanced Sales Efficiency

The SAP Sales Cloud implementation resulted in a significant boost in sales operations efficiency, with sales reps now able to access and manage customer interactions and data seamlessly, both on mobile devices and through the browser.

Improved Reporting and Analytics

The new CRM system provided AITX with consolidated reporting and dashboards, offering greater visibility into sales activities and performance metrics.

Streamlined Quoting Process

The integration of DocuSign with SAP Sales Cloud streamlined the quoting process, significantly reducing turnaround times and enhancing customer engagement.

Unified CRM Experience

The migration to a singular SAP Sales Cloud solution eliminated the complexities and inefficiencies of using multiple CRM systems, fostering a more cohesive and effective sales environment.

The Outcome

The implementation of SAP Sales Cloud by ASAR Digital marked a significant enhancement in AITX’s CRM capabilities. This transformation not only streamlined their sales processes but also aligned their CRM operations with their broader ERP ecosystem, setting a foundation for continued growth and efficiency.

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