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AM General Enhancing Sales
Team Collaboration With SAP Sales Cloud


AM General, a leader in engineering and manufacturing specialized vehicles for military and commercial clients, embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance its sales and service operations. With a global footprint in over 70 countries, AM General's commitment to delivering quality and innovative mobility solutions necessitated a robust CRM system.

The Challenge

Despite their strong market presence and product excellence, AM General's sales and service operations were hindered by a lack of an integrated CRM solution. This gap impeded their ability to efficiently manage customer interactions and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced defense and automotive sectors.


AM General initiated a formal RFP process to identify the most suitable CRM application. After evaluating leading platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, and Oracle CRM, they chose SAP Sales and Service Cloud.

Key factors influencing this decision included:

Implementation by ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital played a pivotal role in deploying the SAP solution, focusing on several critical capabilities:

The integration with SAP S/4HANA was particularly significant, enabling seamless customer master replication.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of SAP Sales and Service Cloud transformed AM General’s customer engagement model:

The Outcome

The SAP Sales and Service Cloud implementation at AM General, led by ASAR Digital, marked a significant stride in their digital transformation journey. The project not only streamlined their sales and service operations but also positioned them for future growth and continued excellence in serving their global clientele.

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