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Streamlining Sales Process
For A. Stucki Company With SAP Sales Cloud


A. Stucki Company, a prominent player in the rail industry, sought to modernize its sales operations by moving away from manual processes to a more systematic approach. This case study explores the company's journey in implementing SAP Sales Cloud with the expertise of ASAR Digital, utilizing its Cheetah Rapid Deployment package.


Founded in 1911, A. Stucki Company has a rich history in the rail industry, supplying highly engineered parts and diverse services. Despite their long-standing success and growth, Stucki's sales operations remained predominantly manual, leading to inefficiencies in managing customer relationships and sales activities.

The Challenge

As Stucki expanded its operations, the limitations of its manual sales processes became increasingly evident, hindering the company’s ability to manage its sales operations effectively. The need for a comprehensive CRM system became a priority to streamline these processes and support their growing business.


Selection of SAP Sales Cloud

After evaluating several CRM platforms, A. Stucki Company selected SAP Sales Cloud for its robust functionality, flexibility, and potential for seamless integration with their existing systems.

Partnership with ASAR Digital

ASAR Digital was chosen as the implementation partner based on their proven expertise in SAP solutions and the efficiency of their Cheetah Rapid Deployment package.

Implementation Strategy


Enhanced Sales Efficiency

The implementation of SAP Sales Cloud revolutionized Stucki’s sales operations, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Improved Data Management

The centralized system for account and contact management ensured that customer data was accurately maintained and easily accessible.

Streamlined Sales Processes

The new CRM solution enabled more effective management of leads, opportunities, tasks, and activities, leading to better sales outcomes.

Informed Decision-Making

The advanced reporting and dashboard features provided valuable insights into sales performance, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility

The introduction of a mobile application allowed Stucki’s sales team to access vital CRM data on the move, increasing their agility and responsiveness.

The Outcome

The successful implementation of SAP Sales Cloud by ASAR Digital marked a significant step in A. Stucki Company’s digital transformation journey. This project not only streamlined their sales operations but also equipped them with the tools to effectively manage customer relationships in an increasingly competitive market.

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