What is SAP Marketing Cloud?

SAP Marketing Cloud is a cross-industry solution that enables marketing and sales teams to understand each customer and deliver individualized experiences. By establishing customer experience and gaining deeper insight into the customer, this platform can anticipate their behavior. Marketing analytics can be used to engage customers with precision to provide a personalized experience. SAP Marketing Cloud helps drive demand and growth by identifying and targeting customers with account-based marketing.

Dynamic Customer Profiling

Data from all connected channels, including various events and interactions, are aggregated into this central platform. Customer profiles are enriched by system matching, merging, and consolidating data. Predictive-analytical features make it possible to predict customer interactions and decisions. This provides a consolidated 360-degree-view of the customer.

Marketing Analytics

SAP Marketing Cloud houses data for what customers have done in the past, what they are currently interested in, and what their future intentions may be. Advanced data visualization and multi-dimensional analysis allow marketing and sales teams to target and deliver highly relevant recommendations to customers. Executive-level reports and insights can be delivered through a dashboard designed for marketing executives.

Audiences & Campaigns

The segmentation builder can perform different scenarios to identify the right audience. Personalized campaigns can be executed through various channels, such as email, social media, 3rd party solutions, or custom communication systems. Designing and executing multichannel marketing campaigns help drive customer engagements and conversions.

Lead and Account-Based Marketing

Close collaboration between sales and marketing provides seamless lead engagement. Leads can be generated, nurtured, and converted into revenue through SAP Marketing Cloud. With customer insight, each sale activity can be meaningful. Putting the customer at the center of engagement allows for an account-based marketing approach.


SAP Marketing Cloud is a solution that focuses on customer experience. SAP Marketing Cloud allows marketing and sales teams to understand the intent of each customer and deliver relevant and individualized experiences across multiple channels. Dynamic, real-time contextual profiles provide a 360-degree-view of customers. Marketing analytics helps organizations understand marketing performance and drivers to business success. Targeting the right audience and executing multichannel campaigns drive customer engagements and conversions. Lead and account-based marketing can generate, nurture, and convert leads into revenue. Real-time business intelligence enables fast analysis and confident decision-making across the organization. For more details on SAP Marketing Clould Solution please contact Team ASAR!

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