I love helping businesses grow their brand and revenue using reimagined customer experience. My passion lies in uncovering the secrets of nature, our body, mind, and spirit.

Sanjjeev K. Singh

Managing Partner

I am responsible for business development and sales. I enjoy getting to know customers and understanding their unique requirements in order to develop a successful CX solution for their business.

David Piotrowski


I assist Commerce presales and am responsible for successful project delivery. I love that my work lets me help solve problems for our customers. Outside of work I enjoy playing Flute and Veena.

Mohan Sai Kumar

Solution Architect

I provide architecture to build SAP CX solutions. In the current state of the world, I can’t express how important it is to stay learning! Always set at least 30 minutes aside in your day to learn.

Jeff Ryan

CX Architect

I lead an SAP CX Solutions team at ASAR to successfully deliver SAP CX Solutions. I excel in project management, and love all things planning and organizing!

Cindy Seong

SAP CX Practice Manager

I lead a team of SAP CX Solution Engineers to deliver Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ solutions across all industries. I love that in my work I can see an immediate impact on the customer.

Jacqueline Simpson

SAP CX Practice Manager

I lead the marketing department and manage all marketing activities; blogs, webinars, emails, social media, etc. It’s fun to see the growth of a company in the digital space.

Alysa Leland

Marketing Manager

As a Business Development Manager, I am responsible for demand generation activities at ASAR. I love helping customers with ASAR products and Services offerings!

Maggie Montes

Senior BizDev Manager

As a Business Analyst I am responsible for helping our customers realize the full potential of SAP CX Solutions. I’m passionate about Indian classical dancing, yoga, meditation, and volunteering.

Anjana Remadevi

SAP Business Analyst/PM

As a technical lead, I review business requirements and accordingly provide technical leadership and development. I am responsible for successfully building the solutions as per customer expectations.

Manish Singh

Technical Lead

I assist in implementation of SAP CX solutions, and am with the clients every step of the way to ensure the product meets their needs. I’m passionate about helping others and seeing them succeed.

Edith Gonzalez

SAP CX Solution Engineer

I work closely with our CX implementation team and client stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of solutions as per client’s requirements. My motto is “it’s not ‘I don’t know,’ it’s ‘I don’t know yet’.”

Iwona Pasiut

SAP CX Solution Engineer

I support SAP CX implementation projects, to ensure successful delivery. I like teaming up with customers to develop solutions. I’m co-leader of my son’s cub scout den and enjoy our adventures.

Tina Middleton

SAP CX Solution Engineer

I configure, adapt, deploy and maintain Customer C4C systems. I would say I excel at C4C implementation and customer Service. The fast paced work place ensures I’m never bored.

Gregory Delgado

SAP CX Solution Engineer

I write and edit copy, and create graphics to uniquely brand ASAR’s messaging. I’ve been making art since I was a kid, so I love what I do. I’m fascinated in how internet culture has shaped politics over the past decade.

Molly Wilmes

CX Content Producer



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