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leadership team

I love helping businesses grow their brand and revenue using reimagined customer experience. My passion lies in uncovering the secrets of nature, our body, mind, and spirit.

Sanjjeev K Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick leads as Chief Financial Officer, bringing clarity and efficiency to all business functions.

Patrick Stinus

Chief Financial Officer

I am responsible for business development and sales. I enjoy getting to know customers and understanding their unique requirements in order to develop a successful CX solution for their business.

David Piotrowski

Vice President, Sales

As an SAP Commerce Architect Delivery Lead, I’ve helped deliver SAP solutions for clients all over the world, and across multiple industries. I enjoy time with my family outside of work.

Amit Singh

SAP Practice Director

I provide architecture to build SAP CX solutions. In the current state of the world, I can’t express how important it is to stay learning! Don’t get left behind as things change. Always set at least 30 minutes aside a day to learn.

Jeff Ryan

SAP Practice Director

I lead a team of SAP CX Solution Engineers to deliver Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ solutions across all industries. I love that in my work I can see an immediate impact on the customer.

Jacqueline Simpson

SAP Practice Director

Leading marketing, content, demand generation…and dog walks.

Justin Welnack

Marketing Director

People are my passion! To build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people. I enjoy aligning business and people strategies, developing innovative HR programs and improving organizational culture.

Amy Heine

HR Director