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Graceful CRM Migration

SAP Sales Cloud: Migration Made Easy

Legacy CRMs were not designed for the new normal. To sell in the new economy, sales organizations need to be empowered with mobile enabled insightful CRM. If you’re still running legacy CRM we can help you migrate to SAP Sales Cloud easily. We have helped customers move from Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SugerCRM, Zendesk, etc to SAP Sales Cloud, and can help you too!
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of companies rate their CRM technology as "impactful" or "very impactful" to their ability to grow their businesses
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of companies target their audiences using CRM data like purchase transactions and customer service information

Migrate with insight.

The annual mass migration of monarchs in the Americas is a spectacular natural phenomenon involving thousands of butterflies. Think of these gracefully migrating beings as your data points. Migrate data from a legacy CRM to a new CRM tool, a comprehensive process which involves analyzing which data to keep, which to reorganize, update, or delete. Legacy CRMs are expensive to maintain, create data loss and offer inconsistent performance. They’re not friendly to integration. Migrate to a high performance, cost efficient new CRM.

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