SAP Hybris Confusion

SAP traditionally has been very succinct in product offerings and its messaging. When we talk about ERP we know what exactly it means, what are the processes and modules (Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Finance and Controlling, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, etc.) are included in ERP. If we talk about CRM, we know it includes sales, service and marketing. Similarly when we talk about SCM, SRM, we know what these products include. However, same is not true for SAP Hybris products. SAP is using Hybris as an umbrella term to address huge market segment called Customer Engagement Management or Custom Experience Management. Hybris is a brand like SAP not a solution in itself. It’s not a single product like ERP or CRM with suite of capabilities tightly integrated with each other as one unit. Hybris is merely a family of products not necessarily built as modules of single entity like ERP or CRM. Rather they are individual products positioned together as a comprehensive suite to offer end to end customer experience management solution. More

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