Wondering how to migrate your B2B/B2C Accelerator to SAP Composable Commerce?

We can help you migrate to Composable Commerce

SAP has rearchitected its SAP Commerce design and introduced Composable Commerce (formerly Spartacus) based on a Microservices Architecture. Accelerator-based B2B and B2C storefronts need to be migrated to Composable Commerce storefronts. If you are still running SAP Commerce Accelerator-based storefronts, let ASAR show you how to successfully migrate to a Composable Commerce storefront, based on the new architecture.

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of all retail sales will be generated through e-commerce channels by 2025

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increase in e-commerce sales worldwide by 2025

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Build what you need quickly and simplify the buying process for your customers. Enable your customers to interact from anywhere. Increase customer engagement by offering unique digital experiences. A “headless” one-size-fits-all approach allows you to experiment with different touch points and screens without any back-end constraints. Implement targeted microservices that push innovation in eCommerce forward.

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