If you are starting your journey on an SAP Commerce Platform for your next storefront, you probably have encountered the option to pick between an SAP Commerce Accelerator or a Spartacus based storefront. For those people who are not familiar with an Accelerator or Spartacus, allow me to provide an overview of these two options for you.

SAP Commerce comes with standard Accelerators. Think of them as pre-built templates for your B2B or B2C storefront. SAP Commerce delivers Accelerators for Fashion (B2C), Electronics (B2C), and Powertools (B2B) industry storefronts. In addition, SAP Commerce comes with Industry-specific Accelerators for Travel, Telecom & Media, Financial Services, and Citizen Engagement. These Accelerators can be customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Spartacus is a Java Script based storefront that allows you to run your Commerce storefront separately from the SAP Commerce platform. You can truly run your storefront in a “headless” fashion. Spartacus is an open-source project by SAP released in May 2019. For more details on Spartacus, please refer to https://sap.github.io/spartacus-docs/

Spartacus is built on modern JavaScript libraries and is constantly enriched to become a fully progressive web application (PWA). Though new features are being added to Spartacus via biweekly releases, you are recommended to check the Spartacus Roadmap https://sap.github.io/spartacus-docs/spartacus-roadmap/ for updates. For B2C, Spartacus has most of the features available in the B2C Accelerator storefront. However, the B2B storefront is not there yet.   

With SAP Commerce, you have three choices to build your storefront:

·       Use one of the SAP Commerce Accelerators (B2B, B2C, or Industry) and customize it as needed to meet your unique business requirements.

·       Use a Spartacus JavaScript Storefront, which is a headless progressive web application.

·      Build a custom storefront to meet your unique requirements.

In the past, most customers used Accelerators. Now, with the advent of Spartacus, customers have another flexible option. If you are new to SAP Commerce Cloud, you must check the Spartacus storefront for the features you need and their roadmap (https://wiki.hybris.com/display/general/Roadmap) for new features. 

If you are able to meet most of your requirements with Spartacus, I would highly recommend you implement your storefront using Spartacus instead of an Accelerator for the following reason. If you implement an Accelerator based storefront and decide to move to a headless storefront with Spartacus in the future, you will have to completely rewrite your storefront using Spartacus. There is no migration path from an Accelerator based storefront to Spartacus.  Please refer to my previous blog “Why Migrate to a Headless Storefront” for additional insights on Spartacus. 

If you have any questions on Spartacus or SAP Commerce Cloud, please connect with team ASAR!