Are You Maximizing Retail Revenue?

Customer Facing AI Creates Engagement & Sampling

Create Smarter Customer Journeys

SAP Key Benefits

Personalize experiences by capturing customer's preferred channel of interaction and provide engaging services across these channels

Build customer understanding by listening and empathizing with customers on social channels

Promote products and services through cross/upsell offers at the right time through right channels

Empower your sales team with guided assistance and knowledge for meaningful customer interactions

Retail is now a digital marketplace

Retail Revival! Consumers have embraced online shopping with vigor, and retailers have responded with the speedy rollout of new technologies, new apps and new ways of meeting shoppers’ needs. “Contactless” and “frictionless” have quickly become part of the vernacular, and companies that have managed to break the mold and adapt are winning. One indisputable breakout trend in retail is emergence of Social Commerce. Social commerce has the potential to grow faster than overall ecommerce — proving once again that, while consumers may not be meeting in person, socially driven commerce is uniquely embedded in their DNA.

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