When it comes to the CRM, we get it.
Most salespeople think the CRM just slows them down. They see it as something, that benefits management and not them. This isn’t the CRM’s fault. This is because most salespeople are using the CRM the wrong way. If used correctly, CRM is by far the best tool you have to manage the entire sale, from contact to contract.

In this webinar conducted on Nov. 7th 2018, we covered:

-How to use the CRM to better position you with your buyers.
-How to manage your buyer motivations.
-How to overcome objections and create deal strategies.
-What information your CRM must have based on Keenan’s Gap Selling Method.
-Keenan’s CRM test for sales managers.

Email us at info@asaramerica.com if you want to see the recorded version of this webinar.