What is User Research?

This article gives a brief overview of the concept of User Research. User Research is a cornerstone in the field of UX, and critical in

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How Do Approvals Work in SAP CPQ?

Approvals in SAP CPQ  Modern technology allows us to get answers to our questions with the click of a button–so why can’t your company’s approvals

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How Does Emarsys Help Marketing?

E-commerce savvy today relies on knowing the key differences between Marketers and Consumers, and what they’re looking for in their respective platforms. Wouldn’t it be

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How do Product Recommendations Work?

Product Recommendations Product recommendations are an essential part of an e-commerce strategy today. These recommendations reach users on different channels like a Storefront webpage, app,

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What is Emarsys?

What is Emarsys? Emarsys is a leading omnichannel customer engagement platform that makes brands customer centric. By aligning business processes and strategies, eliminating data silos,

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