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CTI Integration offers 3 Worthwhile Conveniences

CTI Integration with SAP’s Cloud for Customer CTI Integration with Cloud for Customer (or C4C) automates and streamlines tedious systemic processes that sales reps and service agents deal with daily. SAP’s C4C (or the combination of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud) is made more powerful by conjoining it with the use-value of CTI services. Customer service is enhanced …

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Sales Target Planning: 13 Easy Steps

C4C’s Planning Capabilities SAP C4C is a next generation CRM software having mature Sales Target planning capabilities which cover almost all best practices of the Industry. Companies can implement Sales Target functionalities without additional cost along with powerful analytical reporting which can help in measuring different dimensions of Sales planning. SAP C4C also offers interactive dashboards and KPIs …

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4 Essentials of CRM

Why is customer relationship management (CRM) essential? Businesses are growing, and so is the need to become market competitive. Businesses cannot meet this achievement unless or until the final approach is customer satisfaction. Your business should focus on buyers who find your business worthy of attention. The planning helps in reading their movements, noticing each …

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3 Simple Benefits of SAP Commissions

SAP Commissions offers Flexibility, Visibility and Scalability SAP Commissions is a highly configurable solution that is loved by Comp Administrators. It offers easy management of compensation plans with a wide range of solutions. From managing a sales hierarchy, to sales quotas, and everything in between. Commissions seamlessly facilitates future planning by offering compensation plan modeling. It …

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What is Videography?

What is videography?  Videography, very similar to photography and cinematography, is the electronic capture of moving objects on electronic equipment, such as a DSLR, smartphones, and more. The difference between videography and cinematography is that cinematography is reserved for high-end production videos like movies or commercials. While videography is more suited for live events and small scope budgets like company …

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Marketing Automation; 3 Reasons It Can Fail

What is Marketing Automation? Like all forms of automation, the goal of marketing automation is to streamline processes, free up time, and eliminate tedium. Marketing automation typically allows businesses to market across a broader range of channels, in a shorter amount of time. Likewise, it streamlines and organizes the critical process of personalization. So far so good, …

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