ASAR Solution

ASAR Shield guarantees complete peace of mind and your success

ASAR Shield guarantees free lifetime support

SAP applications have transitioned from on-premise to the cloud.  However, SAP Service Providers and Implementation Partners are still stuck in an On-premise mindset. Their implementation offerings are outdated and inefficient, with expensive implementation and post-go-live support costs for the customer.

To address this issue, ASAR Digital has taken the lead in offering an implementation approach designed specifically for SAP Cloud solutions.

Under ASAR Shield, you are guaranteed complete peace of mind and lifetime support for your SAP S/4HANA & CX implementation.


Implementation Guarantee

Project delivered on budget as per original scope. Customers will never have to worry about a change order for delayed project decisions.

Post-implementation Guarantee

Any functionality covered as a part of the original scope for Go-live will be supported for the duration of the SAP contract.

Cost Savings and Flexability

SAP Customers will only need to pay for new functionality or enhancements as required after Go-live.

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