ASAR DIGITAL Named to Inc5000 List

Making Your Customer The Hero

ASAR Digital sustains explosive growth by minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency for its software solutions customers.

Written by Lindsey Teague.  Published by Inc., August 2022

ASAR Digital founder and SAP Press Author Sanjjeev Singh launched his own software company in 2010 after ending his career at the famed European enterprise organization SAP. Sanjjeev saw a glaring gap in the industry. Big players like SAP were known to be complicated and expensive. As a result, customers were left dissatisfied.

Armed with deep technical expertise, Sanjjeev was committed to deeply understanding his customers’ problems and providing a unique solution. He embarked on a mission to not only build a software company that delivers top-notch consulting services but one that truly puts customers’ needs first.

Sanjjeev developed his business model with a strong project methodology and time-efficient software solutions at a fraction of the cost. He knew he needed to build his credibility in a competitive industry, so he became an SAP Press author publishing three books to position himself as a subject matter expert. After seven years of independent consulting and plenty of hard work, ASAR became an SAP Gold Partner and landed its first SCP Project in 2017. 

Prioritizing a Sustainable and Ethical Business

To Sanjjeev it isn’t just about generating revenue. His goal is to build a sustainable and ethical business with integrity by ensuring his business model always serves his customers’ most pressing needs. “I tell our team members daily that our critical success factor is that we have to make our customers the hero, and we’ll be in business forever,” Singh says.

By remembering that we all have a common goal, whether it be business growth, professional or personal growth. ASAR Digital exists to help its customers grow and become efficient at acquiring more customers. 

Unique Costing Model and a Global Team

Sanjjeev listened to his customer’s biggest pain points – costly software and complex processes. By reverse engineering a customized solution that maximizes efficiency while reducing costs, he exceeded customer expectations and saw explosive growth. But how did he do it? 

He developed a unique costing model by working with onshore and offshore teams. He was relentless in building a team with strong technical skills that could handle projects with speed and accuracy – a vital aspect when you’re dealing with customers who are spending millions of dollars. 

Building a dynamic onshore and offshore team enables ASAR to cut its fixed costs so that customers aren’t stuck overpaying. They can then be flexible with their pricing while still delivering high-quality work. 

Since 2017, ASAR Digital has doubled in growth year over year, with an expected $10M in revenue in 2022. From a team of one to a team of 120, ASAR Digital has big plans for expansion beyond its offices in Naperville, IL, Phoenix, India, and a small operation in Bogota, Colombia. As for Sanjjeev, he is continuing to master his craft by enrolling in the OPM program at Harvard Business School.

Stats indicating growth:

Annual revenue $10M this year

3-year growth % double every year

No. of employees 120 

No. of locations 2 in the US – Naperville – expanded office small office in PHX and an office in India, small operation in Bogota